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The City is made up of square sections, which tile together to make up the environment. As the player moves through the City, the sections are automatically shifted around so that the player always remains in the centre.

Randomly generated city, using an 8x8 grid

Some of the sections are composed of a set of modular assets I'm creating. The majority of the sections, though, are created from Quantum Theory's Urban Construction Pack. If anyone has this pack, and wishes to create city sections for The Hit, or for other developers to use, then please make a thread on /r/TheHit, and post a link to a unity package (obviously without the UCP assets). If I use your city section(s), I'll give you a credit in the game. I'd like to offer more, but until I have some money, I don't want to make any promises.

The sections I'm using at the moment are 84m x 84m, and if anyone is interested in contributing, let me know via Reddit and I'll post a template scene here.

If anyone wishes to use my environment-looping system in their own game, I'm planning to create a standalone version and submit it to the Asset Store soon.

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