I had an idea the other night, for a feature I could add to The Hit. I was something completely ridiculous, and if I hadn’t been severely lacking in both sleep and critical faculties, I might’ve thrown it in the obscenely large pile of discarded ideas I keep next to my desk (it’s there to remind me to be realistic).

I’m planning to add in-game editing tools for everything, which will probably live in a separate, violence-free environment to The Hit (I suppose that’s a reveal, because I don’t think I’ve mentioned it publicly yet). Users will be able to create movies, interactive experiences or full-length games, and share them with friends. It’ll all be open, so if somebody makes something cool, other users can remix it, and hopefully other developers will be able to take apart a sequence and recreate it in their own games.

Absolutely everything in The Hit will be available to use, so if you want to take animals from the zoo (another reveal, but it’s way down the list), and recreate an African plain with a herd of 10,000 elephants, that will be possible.

What I didn’t think was possible was any way to integrate these sequences into The Hit game.

Until the other night.

After some thinking about how this is going to work, and assuming I can get this game funded, I’m going to confirm it now: The Hit will have dreams.

Initially, they’ll just be randomised, so I expect most of the dreams your character has will be broken, unfinished, and heavily involving buildings which resemble penises.

But I’ll improve it, and I’ll figure out ways of tying the dreams to events in the stories you’re currently playing, and the places you’ve been. At its simplest level, if you go to the zoo, you’ll be more likely to get dreams which feature animals. Later on, it may become possible to link the dreams thematically with recent events, like having a stock of naked-in-a-public-place type dreams, for when you’ve got a promotion review coming up (is that four reveals? I’ve lost count), or some vivid, psychadelic dreams if your agent gets drugged (five).

Okay, now that’s out the way, I’m going to stick that firmly in my future development pile and get back to making the core game. I’m still working on the first video trailer, which should be out soon, and building the framework for all this dynamic stuff (which is all going better than I could’ve hoped).

See you around the city soon, Agent.

A Quick Beg

If the sight of starving game developers begging for coffee offends you, please skip this next paragraph.

I’m still broke, sleep-deprived and desperately trying to avoid the lure of freelance work so I can get v1 of this game into your hands ASAP, so if anybody would like to buy me a coffee, please click this link, and thanks.